AOB Organs


Although AOB has closed, parts manufacture, maintenance and repair of the instruments continues.

For those owners of instruments built by Associated Organ Builders of Auburn, Washington, inventory and complete records are available to support the technology developed by AOB. Although AOB has closed, the parts manufacture, care and repair of the instruments continue. Many AOB instruments were prepared for specific additions. These "prepared for" additions are available to install usually with minimal labor.

AOB used a highly dependable capture and keying system that was considered state-of-the-art for the time. We would be happy to research the documents upon your request and provide a profile of your instrument...what should be done for its care, and what can be done to increase its capability.

The design concept of the AOB organs was unsurpassed for analog design. The technology, however is expensive and has been replaced by the significantly less labor intensive digital technology which offers greater capability for the owner. In many people's minds, the sound of a digital instrument is authentic note by note and certainly does an admirable job, but many also agree it does not match the chorus, warmth or presence of sound generated through analog technology.

We offer complete service for the analog organs whether it be revoicing, augmentation or technical advice. Simply submit a detailed description of your need via Email or phone. We will submit a plan for your approval then provide support throughout the project or repair. You can click here to download a tuning schedule.

There are some things your AOB organ needs:

  1. AOB organs should be tuned every 8 to 10 years (see suggested tuning schedule under "News & Information").
  2. An AOB "401" specification has three 1.5 volt alkaline AA cells which must be changed on the Main logic board. The cells have been known to leak causing significant damage if not changed every three to four years.
  3. The large 12 volt "gel cell" battery used to hold up the capture memory in a standard AOB should be replaced at least every 8 years. A replacement battery with a higher ampere hour rating (4 to 7 amps) is suggested.
  4. After 20-25 years of service, the large electrolytic capacitors in the Capture Action Power Supply and the Main Power Supply should be replaced.
  5. Some Main Power Supplies have a plug-in relay mounted to the underside of the chassis which should be replaced every 15 to 20 years.
  6. Speaker replacement should be considered if the foam surrounds have even the slightest signs of deterioration. Choice of the type of replacement speaker is critical to maintain the organ's intended voicing characteristics. We regularly stock a supply of the preferred speakers.