Speakers by Britson

Our speaker systems are designed using tubular speaker enclosures to escape the traditionally heavy wood enclosures. Therefore, these speakers are relatively lightweight and allow us to use more of them to move more air. Each 8" speaker, having its own enclosure, allows us to connect 4 of them in series-parallel via a wire harness. This allows us to point the speakers connected to an individual channel in different directions rather than keep them all on the same plane. The effect promotes an omnidirectional sound radiation, eliminating the highly directional radiation of a typical speaker enclosure. This configuration helps a great deal in rooms that are dead or difficult to spread sound around. The speakers are intended for installing into pipe organ speaker chambers. They are painted flat black, are rated for 120 watts when in series-parallel (drivers are rated 60 watts continuous). Price: $103/driver + shipping. The speaker drivers are 8 ohms. Hooking two speakers in series results in a 16 ohm load and hooking them in parallel results in a 4 ohm load. Either is acceptable as long as your amplifiers are designed to accept either load. We can make up the harnesses here or you can make them yourself to fit your need. A common problem we see in many churches is when Swell and Great speaker chambers are separated by a disparaging distance (the record is 140' apart!). This makes musical blending of the two divisions impossible. Therefore, we take two speakers hooked in series and place a pair of them in each chamber. We then connect the two pairs in parallel at the console. This allows us to guarantee blending of both divisions by having them radiate from both chambers. Also, placing two speakers in each chamber allows us to direct the sound in different directions to assure the sound is spread throughout the room.

The bass speaker systems vary with the need as well. Where space allows, we build a quarter wave tube (approximately 9' long, 16" to 24" in diameter). An alternative is a 1000 watt powered cube or a "pancake" design approximately 20" deep x 24" in diameter.

Posted on: Oct 01 2010 12:26 PM