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image Johannus was founded in 1968 when electronic organ development was in its infancy. Their goal to create the finest, most authentic sound possible has resulted in state of the art technology, offering the realism and authenticity of sound expected by organists the world over. Today their instruments are sold in more than 80 countries. With the Johannus Real Time Sampling® technology the instruments provide beautifully authentic pipe sound in Baroque, Romantic, English and Orchestral organ styles.

The Johannus lines includes the compact Opus and Vivaldi series for chapel and home use, the Ecclesia line for larger sanctuaries featuring traditional drawknob consoles, and the all-custom line known as the Monarke.

image All standard Johannus organs feature self contained amplifiers, are voiceable and provide note by note regulation. Each stop provides a number of voices to choose from giving an organist the freedom to customize their instrument to their acoustical environment and tonal preferences.

For those with wonderful existing pipe organs which could use updated capture, keying and tonal augmentation, every Johannus console comes with high speed data outputs and custom pipe interfacing to provide an economical solution for modernizing older instruments to handle the requirements of our 21st century worship style.  Things such as transpose, automatic player, multiple capture memory levels, programmable MIDI interface to other instruments, programmable Crescendo and Tutti capability are all standard.   

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