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Eminence Speakers

We are pleased to feature the finest speakers in the industry. American made, Eminence Speaker LLC was established in 1966 in Eminence, Kentucky. Today they have a manufacturing capacity of over 10,000 units per day, building over 6,000 unique loudspeaker specifications making them a major producer of speakers world wide.

"If you have listened to live music, you have almost certainly listened to Eminence." Top musical instrument and pro sound manufacturers throughout the world use Eminence products.

We feature high performance guitar, professional and home stereo lines with applications for auto and boat.

If you are interested in placing an order for Eminence speakers or need advice, call us at 253-863-2331 or Email us at

Dealers welcome!

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Eminence Designer Software

Eminence Designer software is a state-of-the-art loudspeaker design program for PC's. It can calculate a box design that will bring out the best response from any loudspeaker in can even suggest a box for your loudspeaker! Eminence Designer models closed, vented, band pass and passive radiator boxes. The software is quick and intuitive: First enter the loudspeaker parameters manually (for Eminence speakers, simply enter the model), next the software will calculate the box volume and tuning, then lastly, you will be able to evaluate the performance via nine graphs.

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