With consistent maintenance and attention to detail, an organ's life can be expected to last a lifetime with few cares...a pure joy to play!

imageHave an older organ? This is our specialty at Second Wind. We can diagnose and repair most problems quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to installing and maintaining quality instruments. However for those who have beautiful older instruments, whether electronic or pipe, "Second Wind" provides consultation, repair, and restoration. With every new account an initial detailed description of each instrument including its strengths, problems, repair and maintenance concerns is presented to the church. This insures the church is informed about their instrument and will be able to make knowledgeable decisions as specific issues arise.

In addition to servicing existing instruments, Second Wind also offers new capture and keying systems for existing consoles when it is deemed necessary, as well as high quality digital sound modules to provide for missing ranks or even entire divisions that were never installed or are in otherwise poor condition.

image Additionally, our specially designed speaker systems utilize a unique multi-planar presentation into a room to minimize a single speaker's typical directionality and create a more pipe-like omnipresence. There's more about our speaker systems on our Blog page under "Speakers by Britson".

Preserve your organ, carillon or chimes from a company you can trust for excellence.

If you have urgent service needs, feel free to contact us directly at 253 906 0143 for immediate help.