The Wicks Pipe Organ Company was founded in 1908 in Illinois, quickly growing and producing pipe organs for churches and homes in nearly every state in the country. Family owned since the company's inception, Wicks has built more than 6400 pipe organs for churches, concert halls, universities, chapels, theatres and homes.

With a staff of more than 60 people in 13 specialties, each instrument is custom built by hand to fit every musical need as required by client and environment. Wicks creates its own pipes in its specialized foundry, wood and metal shops to assure exacting factory control of quality.

image Britson Organworks is pleased to feature the Wicks pipe organ which has been a standard in the organ building industry for over a century with their patented Direct Electric® valve actions which never need re-leathering.


image If pipes are not a practical solution for your application, Wicks also offers non-winded organs consisting of sound samples from Wicks own pipe organs. These instruments offer note by note tonal finishing with ease never before possible in a pipe organ. Handling challenging acoustical environments has never been so easy. Check out Wicks' Royal Classic instruments and choose between their elegant 2 and 3 manual instruments. For more information, go to